Elimination Diet For Food Allergies

Procedure: Starve for 18 - 24 hours before commencing basic diet, water can be consumed during this period.

Basic Diet - Suggested Meal Pattern

Breakfast: Rice Krispies with sugar ( NO MILK!!) & fresh peach/ pear ( wash all fruit well before consumption)
Gluten- free bread with Vitaquel or Tomor ( Kosher) margarine
Water to drink

Mid-morning: Water to drink
If hungry - fresh peach / pear

Mid-day meal: Lamb or Lambs liver or Beef ( without added fat or thickening means basically you have to grill it & grilled liver, well….)
Boiled rice or Gluten - free bread with margarine as above.
Carrots and / or green beans or lettuce
Fresh peach / pear

Mid-afternoon as mid- morning

Evening meal: Variation on mid- day meal

Bedtime: Water to drink plus Gluten- free bread & margarine

This diet should be followed for 2 days & any alterations in symptoms noted. Further foods or additives may then
be introduced ( see list)

Monitoring & dietary additions
The reaction to each additional dietary ingredient should be closely monitored. Allow an interval of 24 hours before the inclusion of a further food or additive.

If an item causes a mild reaction, it should not be consumed further at this stage. However, the item should be reintroduced twice, at a later date, before it's regular consumption or total exclusion from the diet.

Any item which causes a severe reaction should not be continued or reintroduced.


High Allergenicity
Cows milk ( try skimmed or soya etc.)
White bread
Wholemeal bread

Moderate Allergenicity
Cabbage / sprouts / cauliflower
Orange / grapefruit / lemon
Orange juiceOnion

Low Allergenicity
Soya Milk

For each day of diet indicate the alterations of symptoms ( if any), by the following codes & state nature of the reaction.

0 .. .. .. No change in symptoms
-  .. .. .. Improvement in symptoms
+ .. .. .. Symptoms become more severe
++ .. .. .. Symptoms very severe

So, draw yourself 3 columns  & list your daily basic diet plus the food you are adding on that date.


Date.                      Diet & Additive.                     Reaction Code 
19. 6. 17.                Basic diet + cheese.              + slight discomfort & diarrhoea
20. 6. 17.               Basic diet + Bacon.              ++ bloating, wind & abdominal cramps
21. 6. 17.                Basic diet.                              - improvement in symptoms as day wore on.

I always found that, if it got really grim, 24 hours back on just water  seemed to flush out the system.
Re- visiting my records ( haven't looked at them in years!) among other things I experienced:
Cystitis, nausea, pain in muscles, acute tiredness, Olympic wind, eye irritations similar to conjunctivitis, acute reactions to most forms of any medication ( most have anti- caking chemicals, colourings etc.), fingers & facial swelling - my Elephant Man period....I won't go on but if it existed I seemed to manifest it!!
Take heart girls, I eventually recovered. It was a long, hard slog & sticking with the diet & giving up social occasions involving food was sad but eventually the return to experiencing a sense of well being after years of feeling like death warmed up was worth it!
Don't hesitate to contact me if I can be of help.

One thing that intrigues me - and maybe we just don't hear about them - is this a mainly female problem? One doesn't hear much about men having digestive difficulties or have I not picked up on that aspect?

Gilly Hodkinson

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