Commonplace Book

A collection of things which
we have found to be useful
or just worth keeping.

Elimination Diet For Food Allergies

Procedure: Starve for 18 - 24 hours before commencing basic diet, water can be consumed during this period.

Basic Diet - …

Rose Marshall, Never to be forgotten

Forgive me if I have already contacted you but for those to whom I have not spoken  during the past few days I am writing …

Home Brew

Taken from a recipe given to Rose & Bruce Marshall, from an old couple in Wharfedale. First Brewed by John Hodkinson …

A Newt on the path up Nab Scar

This was Found while walking up the path on Nab Scar above the house.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Scattering on Nab Scar

A quiet place above Hart Head Cottage and Rydal Water.
Celia Fox scattering the ashes of Joan Fox who lived in the …

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